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Discover Awesome Plastics, the top plastic food packaging manufacturer in Australia. Our selection features food-grade certified, recyclable plastic containers, cups, picnic necessities, and partyware. Committed to quality and hygiene, we utilize 100% virgin food contact-grade material and advanced tech. Yet, our mission transcends excellence – we're dedicated to environmental sustainability. Through recyclable choices and responsible materials, we're honored to contribute to our planet's preservation while offering exceptional packaging solutions.

Awesome Plastics - Injection Molding Machine

Our Manufacturing Facilities

At Awesome Supply, we take pride in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that drive the heart of our operations. We specialize in injection moulding, a cutting-edge technique that powers our plastic manufacturing processes.

Injection Moulding Expertise

Utilizing the power of injection moulding, we create precision-engineered plastic products that meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. This advanced method allows us to craft intricate designs, ensuring consistent and flawless results in every product we produce.

Awesome Plastics - Injection Molding Machine - Australian Made
Awesome Plastics - Australian Made Plastic

Efficiency and Precision

Our injection moulding process guarantees efficiency and precision at every stage. With the ability to mould complex shapes and intricate details, we can bring your packaging concepts to life with impeccable accuracy.

Sustainable Innovation

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability is embedded in our manufacturing approach. Injection moulding not only enables us to produce top-notch plastic items but also aligns with our mission to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.

Awesome Plastics - Rectangular Container
Awesome Plastics - Australian Made Plastic - Injection Molding

Technology Advantages

When you choose Awesome Plastics, you're choosing a partner that leverages the latest technology to deliver exceptional plastic solutions while championing eco-conscious practices.

Awesome Plastics - Mouding Machine_04.jpg

"Preserve. Protect. Recycle. Together, we can create a greener future for generations to come".

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